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General terms and conditions

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  1. These general terms and conditions apply to the purchase
    of all products (including wood and carbon) sold by Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH (hereinafter "Seller")
    are included in the assortment. Buyers Terms and Conditions
    (hereinafter "buyer") are deemed not to have been agreed. The same also applies to changes
    these General Terms and Conditions, unless the seller has accepted them in writing.
    Which version is decisive in each case. Oral agreements outside
    of this contract are not valid under any circumstances.

  2. The products are always delivered according to a sample, illustration or sketch.
    Deviations in size, colour, structure and processing are reserved.
    Deviations are not permitted, particularly in the case of subsequent/additional orders
    other written commitments are unavoidable. It is therefore a one-off item.

  3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the products are exclusively for the
    intended for private use. The seller grants construction and
    Material defects the statutory warranty from delivery of the goods to the buyer
    for a period of two years. Other warranties and guarantees, particularly
    manufacturer guarantees are also granted by the seller unless explicitly stated otherwise
    Information in the purchase contract or the order confirmation none.

  4. The buyer shall check the products for any defects immediately upon receipt,
    especially on glass and resin damage. Corresponding complaints are
    within three days of receipt of the products. Later, ie
    Defects that become apparent during the warranty period are to be reported immediately
    to report their discovery. Excluded from the warranty are damages that
    through wear and tear, aging, exposure to the sun and improper handling
    have occurred, as well as breaks in glass, mirrors, resin, marble, stone, wearing parts
    such as lamps and foot gliders. The warranty is void if products despite
    recognizable defects can be further processed or changed by the buyer. place of
    Warranty is provided by the main headquarters of Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH in St.Gallenkappel.            The buyer has to pay for the return transport.

  5. The seller or the third party commissioned by her can
    Warranty either free repair or equivalent replacement
    provide. Further claims are excluded.

  6. The collection and processing of the personal data of the buyers
    protected by the seller. This forms an integral part of the contract
    of these terms and conditions. The buyer consents to the storage of the information provided by him as part of a
    Order or other personal data transmitted to us
    contract processing.The buyer also agrees that data provided by him and other usage data will be analyzed
    to provide him with personalized advertising and/or special offers and services
    showcase. The analysis of the usage data can be used to create user profiles
    to lead. The user profiles are created in pseudonymised form and not with
    personal data combined. Finally, the buyer agrees that the
    Seller or third parties commissioned by her, obtains a credit check if necessary
    (Information center for credit and business information, residents' registration office,
    debt collection offices, etc.). The seller is also entitled to any information
    about a rejection of the card application, about payment arrears and about a
    register card misuse.

  7. All prices include VAT. For billing of
    Demands require the consent of both parties. For reminders, one
    reminder fee charged.

  8. Purchase items remain the property of the seller until full payment has been made.
    who is entitled to make the entry in the retention of title register at the expense of the buyer
    to arrange if it considers its claim to be at risk.

  9. The delivery or collection of the ordered products is between the buyer and
    agreed to by the seller. If delivery to the buyer's address is agreed,
    it basically takes place in the apartment if the local and structural
    Circumstances allow this under normal, expected effort. Are
    additional aids (e.g. facade lift, mountain railway, electric vehicles) are required, the
    Inform the buyer in advance and he will bear any additional costs. Was the
    If assembly is agreed, this also only takes place to the extent that the structural
    Allow circumstances under normal effort. Lights and electric
    Installations are excluded from assembly. The seller is liable
    Collection does not cover damage that occurs during transport or loading of the goods. the
    If the purchased item is not accepted in a timely manner, the seller is entitled to
    storage fee of 5% per month of the value of the goods.

  10. Usually ordered products are delivered within the agreed delivery date
    provided/delivered. The buyer will be notified when a product
    should be temporarily unavailable. The buyer acknowledges that
    Delays in delivery of up to two months do not entitle the acceptance of the
    to refuse the ordered goods, to cancel the contract, to claim damages or
    reclaim the purchase price. Counterclaims by the buyer can only be
    approval of the seller.

  11. Should the seller itself not through its suppliers through no fault of its own
    are supplied, although they are congruent with reliable suppliers
    has placed orders, the seller is released from the obligation to perform and
    can withdraw from the contract. In this case, the seller will inform the buyer immediately
    inform you about the unavailability and inform the buyer in the event of withdrawal
    reimburse payments made immediately.

  12. All cases of breach of contract and their legal consequences as well as all claims
    of the buyer, regardless of the legal reason they are made, are in these
    GTC finally regulated. Other claims of the buyer - regardless of
    Legal basis - are excluded, apart from the cases mentioned below.
    The seller, assistants and any vicarious agents are not liable for damage
    which did not arise on the goods themselves, especially not for
    consequential damages, lost profits or other financial losses. the
    The above limitation of liability does not apply in the event of injury to life or body
    or health; in the case of intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty
    promise of guarantee, if agreed; and as far as the scope of the
    Product Liability Act has been opened. A unilateral cancellation of the contract by
    the buyer (cancellation) is only against payment of a penalty in the amount
    of at least 30% of the invoice amount possible.

  13. The seller reserves the right to change its connection with
    Deliveries of goods against due purchase price claims of the buyer
    including any due installments, interest on arrears and reminder fees
    assign or pledge to third parties.

  14. Swiss law applies exclusively. The application of the UN sales law is
    excluded. The place of jurisdiction for natural persons is the registered office of the seller
    residence of the buyer. The place of jurisdiction for legal entities is exclusively the registered office of

  15. scope
    These supplementary terms of use of (hereinafter
    "Terms of Use") apply in the current version at the time the contract is concluded
    version for all business relations between the buyer and Local im
    connection with the use of the website and orders for products and
    Services through the Website. They form an integrating and complementary
    Component for all orders made via the online shop. The below
    Terms of Use contain only website-specific provisions.
    We may change these Terms of Use at any time. crucial
    is the version that is valid for a purchase or an order.

  16. Offers
    The presentation on the Internet is non-binding. We reserve the right to do that
    To modify the range of goods and their presentation at any time and certain
    to withdraw products from the offer completely. We accept no liability for
    typographical errors, incorrect or incomplete information and representations.
    Decorative items shown in connection with a product are where not
    listed and mentioned by name, not part of the product range. Accesories
    and decorative items must be purchased separately.
    We strive to ensure the best possible availability of the services offered on the website
    ensure products. The presentation of a specific product at the
    However, website does not mean that we can guarantee availability
    take over. We are only obliged to deliver goods that are in stock. Should
    ordered products are not available, we may not be able to fulfill the order
    perform fully. We reserve the right to cancel the order either
    cancel or only carry out a partial delivery. In such a case
    we will inform the buyer accordingly.

  17. Conclusion of contract / ordering process
    If the buyer places an order via the Internet, e-mail or telephone,
    he makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract. The buyer receives
    a confirmation that the order has been received. A legal
    A binding purchase contract only comes into effect when the order confirmation is sent by the
    Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH.

  18. Geographical validity of our offers and prices; Billing; recycling
    Dispatch, delivery and assembly costs are stated separately during the ordering process
    displayed and in the order overview and then also in the confirmation of the order
    reported transparently. For more information on shipping, delivery and
    Installation costs and delivery options can be found on the website under the
    delivery conditions.
    Our offers apply to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For orders with
    Delivery addresses outside of Switzerland and Liechtenstein are the ones given
    Delivery prices and transmission flat rates are invalid.
    The advance recycling fee (ARF) is included in all prices for electronic devices
    already included. We are thus making a contribution to environmentally friendly disposal
    of lights. Luminaires can be taken to any depot for disposal.

  19. payment
    Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH accepts the buyers order process
    displayed payment methods.
    The purchase price and any shipping and assembly costs incurred
    will be charged after the order has been confirmed. When paying by credit card,
    the relevant amount is blocked or reserved at the time the order is placed. the
    However, here too, the actual charge is made with our order confirmation.
    If the buyer chooses prepayment as the payment method, the order will only be accepted after receipt
    of payment processed. The delivery time may be delayed accordingly.
    Discounts or coupons will only be those shown on the coupon
    conditions accepted. A voucher code or value is entered in the
    course of the payment process. Discounts not claimed can be applied retrospectively
    no longer be granted. Discounts cannot be accumulated.

  20. copyright
    The use of this website does not imply that the buyer has any license rights in relation to it
    to the intellectual property rights in the content of this website.
    This website and all content posted there (in particular software,
    Files, designs, graphics and data) are and remain the property of Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH                    and are protected by the
    relevant laws regarding intellectual property rights, including copyright and
    Trademark rights protected. Any unauthorized use of this website,
    in particular the use of this website or its contents
    professional or commercial purposes of any kind as well as the reproduction,
    display, disclosure to others, communication, circulating, dissemination,
    Modification, license assignment, sale or any other exploitation thereof
    Website or its content, text, parts of text, static or animated
    Graphics, audio data, software, goods or services and other data
    or information, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH. In particular, methods such as framing are prohibited
    and inline linking of the Website and Content.

  21. refund policy
    You can only return the received goods with a statement of reasons within (14
    days) by returning the goods. The period begins upon receipt of the
    Invoice, however, not before receipt of the goods. Only for goods that cannot be shipped as a parcel
    (e.g. in the case of bulky goods) you can also request the return by requesting that the goods be taken back
    explain in text form. To meet the deadline, the timely dispatch of the
    goods or the return request. In any case, the return costs and
    risk to the buyer of the item. The return must be sent to: Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH, Gerendingerstrasse 4, 8735 St.Gallenkappel.

  22. return consequences
    In the case of an effective return, the mutually received benefits
    to be returned and, if applicable, benefits (e.g. benefits of use)
    to release. If the goods deteriorate, compensation can be demanded
    will. Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH takes the right out of improper use
    or exempt non-reusable items from being returned. Furthermore
    you can the obligation to compensate for a through the intended
    Avoid the deterioration caused by putting the item into use by using the
    Do not use the goods as your property and refrain from doing anything that is theirs
    value impaired. There are obligations on the part of the parties to reimburse payments
    of Hofstetter Wood & Composites GmbH none. All cases are assessed and evaluated individually.
    The period begins for you with the dispatch of the goods or the return request,
    for us with the reception. 

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