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Our work

Let einspire some of our finished projects. Perhaps we will soon be able to realize your personal dream project.

Table base

A special and unique table frame was needed for a show table. For this particular challenge, we made a wave out of carbon.

Tischunterbau aus Carbon und Gold, hochglanz lackiert.

Carbon coffee table

This coffee table has been handcrafted using Swiss oak wood and carbon fiber with a high gloss finish. The combination of a modern and traditional material makes this table truly unique.

Couchtisch mit einem Tischblatt aus Carbon und Tischbeine aus Eiche.


These noble and elegant coasters made of carbon bring an extraordinary detail to every household.


Glasses case

The glasses case was laminated from black carbon and covered with felt on the inside.

Brillenetui aus Carbon

Audi RS3 engine cover

This engine cover was covered with black and orange carbon fabric (carbon skinning). For this purpose, the logo and the font were replaced by carbon.

Motorenabdeckung aus schwarzem und orangen Carbon für einen Audi RS3

GMC Camper

This table top with the logo in red carbon and oak wood is part of a camper conversion of a GMC Savana and adds a special detail to the vehicle.

GMC Logo aus rotem Carbon in Eichenholz

Lake Zurich Carbon

This dining table combines wood and carbon in one. With the Lake Zurich made of carbon fibers, this table is a real eye-catcher.

Zürichsee aus Carbonfasern in einem Tischblatt

Side table

For this side table, the lake of Biel was milled out and an inlay made of blue carbon was cast.

Beistelltisch aus blauem Carbon und Eichenholz
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